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Federal Competition And Consumer Protection Commission Summons British Airways Over Passengers Complaints

British Airways has gone afoul with the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission and its management have been summoned to appear before it.

The Director-General Mr Babatunde Irukera (below),  wants the airline to explain the reasons for the violation of the rights of some of its passengers

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He shared this while responding to a series of complaints made by passengers of the airline who were allegedly abandoned in Abuja for hours.

According to him the passengers who had arrived from London through a British Airways flight and were supposed to have landed in Lagos were flown to Abuja due to poor landing visibility.

Some of the affected passengers described the development as unacceptable as the airline did not provide adequate information for the passengers.

One relayed:

 “We arrived on BA yesterday evening from London to Abuja, they could not land in Lagos which was the reason why they brought us here and we got here about 7 am.

“It took them about four hours to get us to the Sheraton. We got to Sheraton, there were no rooms because they did not make adequate provision.

“Right now, they asked us to get to the airport with no means of transportation. We know that it is not BA’s fault that the weather was unmanageable but the least they could have done was to keep us updated.

“We are over 300 passengers and they provided only two buses. How are we going to get 321 people to the airport which is about 45 minutes from here to board a flight that is supposed to leave at 2.45 pm?’’

Another passenger described the services from the airline as poor saying that although he was on medication, he had not been able to access the medication which was on board the flight.

He shared:

“BA just abandoned us here. They did not even provide transportation for some of us from the airport. They said we should come to the Sheraton Hotel, we all came here but they made arrangement for less than 200 people.

“Out of the 321 passengers, we all slept outside and we have elderly people here. We are on medication and they said paramedics will be here, but there is nothing like that.”

The FCCPC boss informed that:

“Our understanding is that the flight to Lagos will depart momentarily. BA has made arrangement to transport everyone from here to the airport.

“However, with respect to what has happened in the intervening hours, we are already issuing summons to British Airline.
“I understand that there have been technical difficulties, weather-related problems with landing flights in Lagos.

“On the account of that, British airways diverted their flight to Abuja which is understandable.

“What seems to have been the problems have been managing the process with respect to sensitivity and responsiveness to passengers.”

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