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Uche Ogah’s unwarranted attacks must cease

Uche Ogah’s Unwarranted Attacks Must Cease

By Ndubuisi Ogbonna


It is an unfortunate mark of how values have deteriorated in Nigeria that a very young man like Uche Ogah can think of dragging the good name of High Chief Ikechi Emenike into the gutter where he dwells. I decided to pen this piece because Uche Ogah is within my age bracket (I am 49 years old). I am also from Ohuhu land in Abia State and will not keep quiet and allow anyone to vilify High Chief Emenike, one of the most illustrious sons of my homeland.

Decent minds should not expect much from a young man whose antecedents community grapevine views with deep suspicion, to say nothing of a verifiable reputation of his moral bankruptcy.Let’s look at the issues one after the other.

A few months ago, Ogah took on an elder, Prince B.B Apugo, for rightly pointing out that Adams Oshiomhole made a huge mistake by giving him the gubernatorial ticket of the All Progressives Congress (APC), which he promptly and unconscionably sold to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Charges of fraud: All anyone needs to do is to approach the Nigeria judicial system to find out that Uche Ogah’s name is synonymous with fraud. A few well publicized cases will suffice for now:

a.      Case-FCT/HC/CV/2196/14 between Mr. Uche Ogah of Masters Energy and Bridget Adeosun.


b.     N1.2 billion, Uche Ogah refunded to the Federal Government out of a total of N5.5 billion he was alleged to have illegally siphoned from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC via bogus subsidy refund claims.



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.6933px; font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri, sans-serif;">c.      On October 19, 2011, Uche Ogah purportedly registered a non-existent ship (vessel), MT Zhen Star with which he was alleged to have duped Nigeria of sums amounting to N3.9 billion.


d.     And many more

Moral Bankruptcy: Unlike Uche Ogah and his Chief sponsor, whose friendship he recently renewed, neither Chief Emenike nor his followers can be accused of indecent public behaviour or exhibiting un-African disposition in their private lives.

Insensitivity: What manner of man will celebrate the incarceration of a former associate or comrade to the callous extent of throwing a party to spite an estranged friend? Isn’t this the height of godlessness? Yet Ogah has the temerity, because of the flawed system we operate in Nigeria, to cast aspersions on revered High Chief Ikechi Emenike. This rudeness must cease.

In our next outing, we may be compelled to:

Publish his WAEC result to show that this petty rascal till tomorrow has not passed Mathematics and English Language which makes nonsense of the diploma he claims to have earned from IMT Enugu. (Anyone in doubt should check the record he personally filed at INEC for the 2019 elections).

Secondly, we may also be forced to publish the names of his shady partners as well as other fraud cases, including his file number in the EFCC.

Ogah is advised in his own interest to look further afield for whom to defame and tangle with. High Chief Emenike is not one to dissipate energy and resources on unfruitful posturing. Enough is enough.


Ndubuisi Ogbonna writes from Lagos Nigeria

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