by Chi Republic Inter-Creed Council

It is no news in the Nigerian space what goes on around the issues of cows. Time and events have proved over and over again, that if there ever is a title to be won for Global Sacred Cow, the Nigerian Fulani cow would win it effortlessly. In his name farms and livelihoods have been destroyed, women raped, infants disembowelled, men decapitated and entire villages ransacked and emptied, with millions rendered homeless. All these at absolutely no repercussions to the perpetrators.

To get a picture of the magnitude of calamity that results in the name of the Fulani cow, let us compare to the response years back when news filtered in that tuna fish was being made available at tables at the expense of dolphins. 

"On Monday, environmental groups, including the Earth Island Institute, Marine Mammal Fund and the Sea Shepherd Society of Redondo Beach, launched a boycott of canned tuna with demonstrations held at the Long Beach office of J. H. Heinz Co., which produces Star-Kist brand tuna, and at the St. Louis headquarters of Ralston Purina Co., which produces Chicken of the Sea tuna.

"At Long Beach, about 20 demonstrators carried placards that said “Sorry Charlie--Star-Kist Kills Dolphins” and shouted, “Save the dolphins, boycott Heinz.”

“'We want to wake up the tuna industry to the fact that people are outraged over the killing of hundreds of thousands of dolphins each year for corporate profit,' said Peter Wallerstein, director of the Sea Shepherd Society, a marine mammal conservation group. 'They are sacrificing these beautiful, intelligent animals for corporate interest.'”

Let me try repeating what you just read: A massive boycott of tuna fish ensued just because the process of making it available sacrificed thousands of dolphins. Yes, dolphins! People decided to skip tuna from their meals to draw attention to the plight of the dolphins.

The black man would readily get offended with any insinuation that he is of inferior make to his white counterpart; however, issues of this nature brings to fore how we deal with issues. We can imagine what white commoners would have done if the beef they eat has as much blood attached to its name as the Fulani cow. But look at us, merrily grubbing that which those who rear them openly boast of the number of humans they have wasted for cow sake.

We should know that boycotts have been legitimate tools to draw attention to issues and, hopefully, correct them. There has been such boycotts as the:

1) Iranian Tobacco Boycott in 1891.

2) Civil rights movement boycotts to protest segregation (e.g., Montgomery & Tallahassee Bus Boycotts).

3) United Farm Workers union grape and lettuce boycotts.

4) American boycott of British goods during the American Revolution, such as the Boston Tea Party.

5) The 1905 Chinese boycott of American products to protest the extension of the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1902.

6) Indian boycott of British goods organized by Mahatma Gandhi.

7) Jewish boycott organised against Henry Ford in the United States, in the 1920s.

8) Boycott of Japanese products in China after the May Fourth Movement.

9) Jewish anti-Nazi boycott of German goods in Lithuania, the US, Britain, Poland and Mandatory Palestine during 1933.

These are just few amongst so many other boycotts. Now, on earlier calls to boycott beef. It can be seen from what has been written above that we are not against the boycott of beef; but we would want us to think just beyond staying away from beef. The earlier campaigns supposed that it is money from cow sales that is used to sponsor these havocs and land grabs done in the name of the Fulani cow

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. This supposition contradicts the other narratives that some Islamic nations are behind this push and providing the finances. It also contradicts what we know that the Nigerian treasury is undergoing unprecedented looting, and the narrative that much of this is meant for this sinister cow-ish agenda.

The 100 billion given to Miyetti Allah, the umbrella body of the cow association, the other day, we know, is not proceeds from cow meat. The billions El-Rufai used to pay off these murderers-in-the-name-of-the-Fulani-cow were not proceeds from cow meat. These guys have access to funds much beyond proceeds from cow meat; thus, if the purpose for a boycott of beef is to frustrate their agenda by causing a shortage of funds, it will make little impact.

The boycott has its own significance! Firstly, it should not be seen that our murderers are feeding us; a boycott proves that beef is not a necessity for us, thus our murderers can't be feeding us. Secondly, it is being rumoured that these same cows are first sexually defiled (we have seen videos) before being sold to us -cows which they themselves, we are told, won't eat. So, a boycott beams the light on this despicable bestiality, and the physical and spiritual consequences of consumption of such beef; thus, raising an urgent call for alternative sources of beef.

It should be noted that the boycott loses bite when we leave it for those resident in Nigeria alone to boycott. Every Igbo everywhere should boycott beef! This is solidarity! Every other non-Igbo who is also affected or grieved about the hell unleashed in the name of the Fulani cow should equally join in this movement. This carries weight as our sit-at-home; and has the potential to get the world, beyond British and American governments, to notice what is happening around cows in Nigeria

We therefore advise a boycott that should be done strategically to make it all inclusive and effective. How do we mean? We should bring out a day in a month, let's say July 27, and declare it "BEEF BOYCOTT DAY". Every Igbo (and non-Igbo who choose to key in), wherever you are, you abstain from beef this chosen day. This would be repeated a couple of times before being increased to a week: "BEEF BOYCOTT WEEK".

By this, the symbolism of the boycott becomes centre stage; and would make the required impact. One more thing: wherever you are, and someone asks you within these boycott days/weeks why you are boycotting beef, please, use the opportunity to download into that person all the reign of hell in the name of cow. If we do it well, don't be surprised, beef boycott will become a global solidarity movement.

In conclusion, it is one thing to be aggrieved seeing the leaders of Miyetti Allah, their patrons and spoke persons moving around with police escorts, even after admitting to being responsible for pogroms, while those who challenge them over these atrocities, like Sunday Igbogho, Nnamdi Kanu and many others, have the full force of the Nigerian military come after them; it is yet another thing to give vent to that your grievance. Staying off beef, once a day every month, and all through a week the third month, is a valid form of protest against these injustices.

Every 27th day of every month, we will stay off beef! Other forms of meat are allowed. It should be such that on the 27th of every month, and the third week every three months interval, our beef shops and beef abattoirs should experience an absence of buyers and activities. While we do this, on these very days, our social media handles -Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.- should be occupied with the boycott and the reason behind it. You may think yourself inconsequential, and think your little effort at a boycott of no effect; however, do not forget that little drops of water makes the mighty ocean. Join us in this movement this July 27!


Ike Eluigwe -Council Chairman

Engineer Uche Ekechukwu -Council Vice Chairman

Edwin Abba -Council Secretary

Reginald Akuchie -Council Media Director

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