by Chi Republic Inter-Creed Council

If there is any set of leaders that have taken the most hit from insiders as well as outsiders, it is Southeast leaders. We have been told how trees that have delectable fruits receive the greatest number of hits. We also know that an ass could be a recipient of hits for reasons of stupidity. How do we know what group Southeast leaders fall into?

When we talk of leaders, we are simply talking of leading. When we talk of leading, we are talking of a destination. When we talk of a destination, we are talking of a route. When we talk of a route, we are talking of movement. When we talk of movement, we are talking of translocation. In other words, leaders move us from one point to another, through a route that connects from a 'present' location to a 'future' location.

In view of the above, does it really look like we have leaders in the Southeast? Can anyone tell us what the destination is? Can anyone tell us what the route is? Can anyone show us signs of movement? Can anyone point at our past location to prove translocation to our present location? Having people occupy positions is no proof of the presence of leadership. An employed cook in a house occupies a position. A gardener occupies a position. A cashier occupies a position. A store keeper occupies a position. All these people occupy positions, but none of them leads the organisation.

So, you may have governors, deputy governors, speakers, deputy speakers, house of assembly members, commissioners, senators, members of the house of representatives, ministers, etc., yet in essence they are no different from gardeners, cooks, store keepers or cashiers. Just like you don't expect to come from the gardener the destination and route for the organisation he works for, it is very possible that those occupying position across the Southeast neither have a destination nor route to a destination; thus, making them no different from a gardener.

This scenario might explain the prickly and injurious silence from these ones when we need to hear the voice of leaders. Probably, just as we would grow dumb in the midst of aeronautic engineers discussing a fault in a Boeing engine, these ones are dumb too over issues arising in the Southeast. Wisdom tells them, "Be silent, you have nothing to say!"

If this is the case, not a few would query why they took up positions requiring vocal cords in full functionality. Before we get ponderous over this, let us remember that our Igbo cosmology recognizes some set of leaders we do not see nor hear; they ar called deities. These deities are usually represented by wood carvings that, though we see, do not talk. Could our Southeast leaders be deities and their visible forms no different from the wooden carvings of deities that cannot talk to us even when we lavish them with sacrifices?

It should be noted though that our deities leave us with priests and prophets, whereas we are yet to identify the priests and prophets of the Southeast leaders in order to interface effectively and fruitfully with them

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. Could it be that we do not pay homage rightly? Could it be that we have been offering he-goats when we ought to be offering she-goats? Could it be that we have offered an unclean animal as sacrifice in error? We really need to know what to do to have our leaders speak in dire times!

Southeast leaders should know that even if the relationship that exists between them and the Southeast peoples is that of a deity and devotees, the Igbo are not hesitant in dealing with any deity that outlives its usefulness. Such deities are often given a class in history -their personal history.

At this mention of history, it would be interesting to know what leaders of this era think of history and what the verdict of history of their leadership over the Southeast peoples at this period would be. It should be noted that humans write history and these humans would be those who experienced this era or the children of those who experienced this era, or those who sourced information from those who experienced this era or their  children. So, there is no writing of history of this era in the existence of the Southeast peoples that can be without the opinion of the Southeast peoples of this era. So, what verdict would they leave for history about the Southeast leaders of today? That it can hardly be found within or without the Southeast, any group, that is praising Southeast leaders of today already tells us the verdict of history. This absence of praise tells us that the hits they have been getting are not hits aimed at a tree with delectable fruits, these are the hits aimed at an ass for stupidity.

Fortunately, the Igbo believe that it is never too late for one to retrace his steps; they say that a person's day commences from whenever he wakes up from sleep. Let us assume that Southeast leaders have been in a deep sleep over the dire situation of the peoples and area over their charge, we call on them to wake up and be alive to the yearnings of their peoples for which they occupy their respective positions. We expect their visibility, attentiveness and utterance in matters pertinent to the Igbo, especially as relating to the Southeast. Let the days of the silence of the gardener, regardless of the commotion within the house, be over. They are no mere gardeners! We expect their roar when predators show up in the homestead.

It is no longer news that the dreaded terror group, ISIS, is on its way to southern Nigeria; that is, if they are not already in southern Nigeria of which Igbo land and the Southeast are part of. The warning of their presence by the United States of America was reported by Vanguard Newspapers in the report found here: Also, of very recent, it was in the news that this same ISIS have installed a governor in Borno State of Nigeria. This news can be found here:

With all such reportage that has a very direct threat to our existence as a people, the Igbo people vehemently reject an invisible and inaudible leadership. The kites are hovering and we expect our leaders at this very historic moment not to fall for pettiness or be distracted in whatever manner. Before them today is a challenge! The kite hovers destructively over a notable chick. Igbo eyes keenly watch on what these leaders will do; walk away while blaming the chick for inordinate exposure or put the kite to flight. History often gives a redeeming moment! Would Southeast leaders seize this moment? Or would they stay aloof and confirm once again that we are dealing with the leadership of spirits whose physical representations are not expected to see, hear or talk?


Ike Eluigwe -Council Chairman

Engineer Uche Ekechukwu -Council Vice Chairman

Edwin Abba -Council Secretary

Reginald Akuchie -Council Media Director

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Dec 05, 2021

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