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Nigeria On The Cusp Of More Visa Trouble - This Time With The European Union

The European Union has warned the FGN that it may impose restrictive visa implementation rules on Nigeria if it fails to play its part in the return and readmission of its nationals staying illegally in the EU.

The EU, comprises of Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and 23 other countries.

This is according to EU spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Ms Virginie Battu-Henriksson (below), who revealed this to the press

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She further informed that:
 “Nigerian criminal networks remain active in Europe, and Nigeria remains the main non-EU country of origin for victims of trafficking (mainly women) registered in the EU,

 “What the EU can do since new rules on short-stay visas to the EU became applicable on 2 February 2020, is to adapt the rules on processing short-stay visa applications, depending on whether a non-EU country cooperates satisfactorily on the return and readmission of their nationals staying irregularly in the EU.

“Under the new rules, the EU Commission will regularly assess the level of cooperation of non-EU countries on the readmission of irregular migrants. If the level of cooperation is insufficient, the commission, together with member states, can decide on a temporary more restrictive implementation of certain provisions of the visa code.

“This could have an impact on the processing time, the length of validity of the visa to be issued, the level of the visa fee to be charged and the fee waivers. It is important to note that this mechanism does not amount to a visa ban and does not call into question the right to submit an application for a visa or to be granted a visa. It only allows for a more restrictive implementation of some of the visa rules. This concerns short-stay visas to the Schengen area, covering stays of up to 90 days in any 180-day period.”

As we know Nigeria is already in hot water with the US regarding Immigrant visas.

The FGN has yet to respond to the spokesperson's comments.

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Chin Akano

Feb 21, 2020

What's wrong with them? So would innocent Nigerians bear the brunt of the criminal activities of those already resident there?

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