Revival of Culture: Nze Dr. Chin Akano example with Ukwube village in Nkwerre, Imo State | - Awareness Media Ng Revival of Culture: Nze Dr. Chin Akano example with Ukwube village in Nkwerre, Imo State 2022 - Awareness Media Ng
Revival of Culture: Nze Dr. Chin Akano example with Ukwube village in Nkwerre, Imo State

Revival Of Culture: Nze Dr. Chin Akano Example With Ukwube Village In Nkwerre, Imo State

Culture indeed is gradually dying in Igbo land owing to long years of neglect and the indecision of many in whose domain lies the onerous task to do something in that regard.

Many communities and village in various part of Igbo land has lost one cultural identity or the other, unlike their counterparts in the west, north and even southern parts of Nigeria.

The massive urban migration of the Igbo man for trade, education and the quest for Americanization by many Igbo families was blamed by some scholars as one of the reason some cultures are dying in Igbo land.

But in Ukwube village, the story was changed by a man who felt the need to revive the cultural identity of his people.

Ukwube village is one of the villages that made up the kindred known as Umuoforolo, in Nkwerre Community, Imo State.

According to history, Ukwube is the elder brother of the other three villages of Ukwuinyi, Umukabia and Umuyem.

For many years, the "Ero Ode cultural dance" has been performed by Ukwuinyi village, making the village to be known far and wide as the custodians of the said culture. We grew up as children to witness Ukwuinyi village performing this cultural dance every two years not until the year 2020.

The year 2020 saw Ukwube village, after many years of sleeping, performing the dance again through the instrumentality of their President General Nze Dr. Chin Akano.

Though lives and work in United Kingdom as a medical practitioner, Dr Chin has never lost touch with the grass root, his heritage or culture. He has been in constant move to revive one lost heritage or culture to the admiration of his people

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When queried by a fan who sought to know why Ukwube village is performing the "ero ode cultural dance" in 2020. To this fan, the exclusive known right to this ero ode cultural dance belongs to Ukwuinyi village, unknown to her that history says otherwise.

According to Dr. Chin, who schooled the inquisitive fan, ero ode cultural dance belongs to Umuoforolo kindred of which the four villages are under. Any of the four villages can perform the ero ode cultural dance. As a matter of fact, he said Ukwube village has been the main performer of the said dance but following long years of neglect by subsequent generations, it was forgotten and Ukwuinyi village took over, continued to perform the dance till date, making people think that the exclusive right to the dance belongs to them.

So on the 25th, 30th of December 2020 and 1st of January 2021, history was made as Ukwube village was thrown into a frenzy of joy as the long forgotten ero ode cultural dance was performed in their village after many year, all thanks to PG Chin Akano.

The ero ode cultural dance by Ukwube village, Nkwerre may have come and gone, but the lessons learnt from its long years of abandonment and revival by PG Chin will not be forgotten for a long time to come. 

During the ero ode cultural dance by Ukwube village, the hunger for this cultural dance, and joy that followed the revival of this cultural dance by the Dr. Chin led executives was felt, and many were saying, "thank you PG, thank you Dr. Chin".

Another cultural identity of Ukwube village which is dying gradually is the ekere mgba (traditional wrestling) which is performed annually but has been neglected recently. Who knows if Dr. Chin has a plan for its revival too, only time will tell.

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