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Nigeria and the many shades of Green

Nigeria And The Many Shades Of Green


Many of us know that long before Nigeria became the Green Eagles and subsequently the Super Eagles they were called the Red Devils. Understandably their kit was red over white with red socks, the second kit all white with red numbers and the third all red with white numbers.

Their last game as the Red Devils was against then Dahomey, now the Republic of Benin which they won 10-1  in the Kwame Nkrumah Cup tournament in Lagos, on November 28, 1959.


On new year's day in 1960, Egypt arrived  In Lagos wearing the identical red and white the home team was wearing and Nigeria was forced to change into a borrowed kit ahead of their 2-1 win. It was green.


The rest is history the Red Devils now became the official name of the team from Port Harcourt and the Green Eagles of Nigeria were born.

Since then Nigeria has worn a myriad of kits which initially were generic or bought by the set off the rack. This changed in 1980 after Nigeria became the African champions and got its first deal with the German Company  Erima. This lasted from 1980 through 1984.


In 1984 Nigeria went English and signed up with Admiral. That deal, in turn, lasted till 1987.

In 1988 Nigeria switched to the German juggernaut Adidas and remained with them till 1994.

In 1994 it was time to check out the Americans as Nigeria jumped ship and signed with Oregon based Nike who would kit the NFF teams till 2002.

In 2002 the Germans came calling again and the NFF liked what Adidas brought to the table so the Nigerians signed with them. It was a union that would last until 2015

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But then the Americans bounced back and returned to the table having upped the ante and Nigeria promptly jumped ship again and resigned with Nike.

If you  are feeling dizzy after reading this don't feel bad because I am double dizzy  writing it,

In any case, this is where we stand now in 2020 with the Americans and Nike and we will remain with them till 2026  when the current contract expires and then who knows?

Maybe Puma?

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